Rākṣasa is Andreas Wandegren. Born in 1976 in the deep forests of northern Sweden he started playing the piano at age six and moved on to drums, guitar, trombone, pipe organ, sitar and well, most instruments that does not include a bow or complicated breathing techniques. His main instrument, however, is guitar. He is also a talented vocalist. Fronting his first band at age twelve he soon dwelled into punk rock and beyond, realising that the most interesting punk bands were the kinda gloomy and intense ones like Joy Division or Killing Joke. After spending most of his teens in very noisy rehearsal rooms he became a full time member of goth band Dark Side Cowboys in 1996 and some years later, in 2003, he joined industrial outfit Morlocks. He has been writing his own material for many years and released his first solo album entitled En skugga bland skuggor in 2016. Other bands and projects throughout the years include punk rock bands AB Rävskabb and The Grave Disorder as well as neofolk/industrial act Draumstafir and the gothic rock band Seven Circles. He has also been messing around with black metal, electronic body music and avant garde in different projects. He is a post modernist and a social constructivist with an obsession for the bizarre and grotesque and have a deep interest in religion, philosophy and spirituality. He recognizes only two musical genii throughout history: J.S. Bach and Frank Zappa.