Lamashtu is Sandra Marie Mattsson; born in 1984 Halmstad Sweden. She started playing guitar in her sister Frida’s class band in 1999 (Frida Mattsson was also the one who actually taught her to play). In the band she played guitar and sung together with Frida, Henrik Dreimanis (drums) and Johan Persson (r.i.p, bass guitar) (the band name was Qvalster). After that the band changed name to Your Naked Shoes and also changed members; Albin Bengtsson (guitar) and Anders Berg (drums). The band was split up and Sandra, Frida and Emma Svensson started a experimental pop band called Konflykt. After moving to Gothenburg Sandra joined the unofficially namned band Behind Bob, bass guitarr. The band included Alexander Wik Frid Fridén (guitar, Warheim), Jimmy Månson (drums), Kenny Jakobsson  (guitar, Minora) and Tommie Zetterlund (vocals, Minora). The band split up and never made any official recordings. During this time Sandra joined some Chalmersspex activities playing both bass guitar and stood on stage (2005-2007). With some spex musicians she recorded an EP called Morning Coffee and Evening Despair, band called Love Slippers and Wooden Skulls (2009). The band consisted of Eskil Varenius on keyboard and Oskar Landgren (drums). After some time apart Emma and Sandra randomly met again at a buss stop in Gothenburg. They started together another experimental pop band called Decorate the sky (2009). Together with Alexanders best friend Christopher Bergman (guitar, vocals, the Last Band) the band Living Dead was started. The band also included Andreas Adde Wretljung (drums). Alexander and Sandra started a project for fun called Blood Hawk (start of Lamashtu somehow, 2010-2011). In 2011 Sandra also joined the band called Cakra (later changed into Wadjet) together with Cecilia Hugosson (lead guitar, vocals) and Thomas Johansson (drums). In Cakra Sandra played both guitar and bass but left the band in 2012. In  2011 she joined a progressive metal band called Imagine Iris. The band consisted of Juha Seurujärvi (guitar, vocals) and Calle Ottsjö (drums). Sandra played bass and did vocals. In 2012 she also played bass (session) with Warheim (started by Alexander Fridén). Warheim also included the following members: Robert Isojärvi (drums, Nox Vorago), Harris Sopovic (guitar) and Joakim Andréasson (guitar, Norrsköld). In 2012 a lot of changes were made. Sandra played briefly with Amanda de Aguilar (vocals) and Thomas Johansson (drums) in Native Spirit. Also a new love pop band called No Brain Just Heart was created (2013). The band consisted of Frida Mattsson (guitar, vocals), Thomas Johansson (drums) and Johan Andrén/Älvsång (bass, vocals); Sandra played guitar + vocals. She also started playing bass with Morlocks (2013); Johann Strauss (vocals), Andreas Wandegren (guitar, vocals) and Daniel Larsson (guitar). Sandra also helped Strauss on his solo project Strauss ex Machina (session bass, vocals).In 2015 she recorded a video and two songs with Kenny Jakobsson (guitar, vocals), Peter Asp (drums, Bombus) and Simon Moberg Oleszkiewicz (guitar, mr Tom); project called WATU (We Are The Underground)Lamashtu as a character was created in Morlocks, and the band Lamashtu was finally formed in 2015. However, many projects are still in the making. In the summer of 2016 Johan Älvsång and Sandra created the project Sverigepiraten. In the summer of 2017 she joined the band Boll with the aim to make some provocative rytm and song advances on the Swedish punk scene.

Her musical endeavours are listed below. Hopefully you will find many fun songs and you might also be surprised by the different genres.





  • Boll (2017-)
  • Lamashtu (2015-)
  • Morlocks (2012-)
  • Strauss ex Machina (session, 2013-)
  • No Brain Just Heart (2013-)
  • Native Spirit (2012)
  • Decorate the Sky (2009-)
  • Warheim (session, 2012)
  • Imagine Iris (2011-14)
  • Cakra (2011-12)
  • Blood Hawk (2010-11)
  • Living Dead (2010)
  • Love Slippers and Wooden Skulls (2009)
  • Behind Bob (2005-2007/8)
  • Konflykt ()
  • Your Naked Shoes (2005-X)
  • Qvalster (1999-200X)

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