Gorgon is Yvonne Platon and was originally Lamashtu’s costume maker. Then Lamashtu and Pazuzu discovered she had a wonderful voice and included her in the incarnation in July 2016.

Yvonne was born in 1977 and was raised in Stockholm. Her father played the guitar, wrote songs and sang, which awakened her interest for music. At 10 years old she started to play the drums and continued until the age of 17. She also took some classes in music making where she learned how to make electronic music with early DOS trackers. Later she moved to the south of Sweden where she learned DJing electronic music on vinyl and CD players. She continued experimenting with electronic sounds when she discovered Fruity loops but her focus later moved to song writing and singing. Yvonne is creatively involved in designing clothes and costumes, making art and sculptures, taking pictures and creating images at Yvonne Platon Art and Design. Yvonne also works with microblading (eyebrow tattoo) at her company Shape & Color.

You can follow her work here: @yplaton_art and @shapencolor