Lamashtu is a heavy doom metal band formed in Gothenburg in 2015. Lamashtu was originally formed as a stage personality for Sandra Mattsson in the band Morlocks in 2013. At that time Sandra had just joined the band, and was taking up the bass guitar and back up vocals. During 2014 there was some down time in the band and the solo project Lamashtu was starting to form. It was however not until the summer of 2015 that the music and the whole story of Lamashtu was created. The music for the album Fallna Själar was put together during only one month that summer. Johan Älvsång and Sandra Mattsson worked together and had decided that bass was a big part of the sound. It was also important to positive and to work together; to form something that could be truly awesome. In some sense the idea for the music had already been formed back in 2011 when Sandra and Alexander Wik Fridén worked on a project they called Blood Hawk.

The bass guitar for the song Min Stjärna is actually from back them (i.e. it is the original unedited recording, just reused). The singer Mimmi Kemppainen Persson, aka Empusa, joined the project as the vocals was being recorded. Sandra and her and Johan had already worked together on the project Decorate the sky so they were all very friendly already. Also, Sandras sister Frida Mattsson, aka Lilith, joined (part of the band Decorate the sky) for one song (Blod blod rött blod). To help with a more dynamic vocal Johans dear friend Isak Andersson (Ars Veritas), aka Buer, joined the project (having a great bass voice). All instruments, except bass for most songs, was recorded by Johan Älvsång. Sandra wrote all lyrics, but the idea for Jag & Gud came from Johan). In the end of the summer Sandra met Yvonne Platon (through Johannes Uduun Art, that had made the cover and logotype for Fallna Själar). The meeting was grand in many ways, but lasted only 15 minutes. That’s how long it took to make history my friends. It was decided that they meet again and Sandra hired Yvonne to make her a dress. In a sewing meeting Yvonne asked if she could get some singing help, since Johan also is a music teacher, this was no problem at all. It however turned out that Yvonne had an amazing voice and was directly recruited to the band as a singer.

In January 2016 the album Fallna Själar with 7 songs about 7 souls that had been lost to the 7 cardinal sins. The album was followed by an exhibition of 7 paintings (also depicting the seven cardinal sins, February). In august Lamashtu had her first performance, at a private party in a living room in Vasastaden in Gothenburg. On stage was Yvonne Platon aka Gorgon, Johan Älvsång aka Pazuzu and Sandra Mattson Lamashtu and they were accompanied by Lamashtus and Gorgons paintings. In August Lamashtu’s art was exhibited at the Subkultfestival in Trollhättan.

Next up was a gig at Belsepub Valand and a lot of merchandise was sold; grand success (October). This was also the first stage show for both Gorgon and Avarshina aka Daniel Gustafsson that later joined the band as a singer. He was then the presenter of the cardinal sin Greed; you see it was decided by Buer and Avarshina previously that Lamashtu would perform seven shows and that all of them would be themed according to one of the cardinal sins. Avarshina had before then been in charge of the lights since he is an experienced pyrotechnical. More gigs were played and it was believed that additional members were needed. In October a bass guitar player Robin Kullberg (fd Not Vorago) aka Argus joined the band. Johan and Sandra met him at his house and liked him instantly. Even though he was recovering from braking his leg and would not be able to play for some time. Argus was also interested in making movies so great potential was seen. Andreas Wandegren (member of Dark Side Cowboys, Morlocks, solo project Andreas Wandegren) aka Rākṣasa joined the band to make beautiful guitar and vocals.

@Belsepub 14 October 2016
@Belsepub 14 October 2016

In December Lamashtu released a Christmas song on the compilation album Hell Santa Vol. 1 called Svart svart är julens färg. They also recorded a video that was released shortly after Xmas day. Lamashtu had been in search of a drummer for quite some time, but no-one seemed to fit the role. All of a sudden Neil Grant aka Brollachan (fd End of Level Boss, RAAR, current the Test Pilots), a scottish drummer, called out to Lamashtu and it was an instant success-story. In January, just a short week from talking on Facebook for the first time, they tried him out, and he was just such a nice guy and a very very talented drummer. They played two gigs two weeks after meeting him. In January, Tony Jelencovich also announced that Lamashtu was one of 10 of the best underground bands in Sweden. In March Brollachan left the band to pursue his engagement in the band the Test Pilots.

In April 2017 Lamashtu released an Easter song called Tack Gud. Sluagh aka Russell Ededn joined the band short after on evil left-handed guitars (previously in the band Elmo Sexwhistle). In July, Dennis Andersson aka Moccus the drummer, joined Lamashtu. After a short time Moccus left the band and Paimon Sigge Fabiansson joined the band as the new drummer.

The second full length album V.A.N.S.I.N.N.E.T. was released in March 2018.

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