New member and gig!

We are introducing our newest member Brollachan and at the same time we announce a gig!
On the 1st of February we will play at the Emergenza festival att Sticky Fingers.

Emergenza festival

For event:

And there will be darkness!


New Christmas music video!

Svart svart är julens färg – music video is released on Youtube! Enjoy. In other news the new album is in the making and we are preparing for gigs on the 28th of January (private SAUNA epic party) as well as for joining a competition. The song was released on the Xmas compilation album HELL SANTA VOL. 1 by Älvsång Production

New year – its time to sin! /Lamashtu

Tävling! Sista tävlingsdag 13 oktober!

Skicka svaret på frågan till lamashtudarkness(at) Glöm inte att skriva avsändare!

Vinnaren får gratis inträde till 6 kommande spelningarna med Lamashtu. Detta inkluderar inträde för två till privatspelningar och privata event!!

Låten Ge mig allt finns här

I’m sorry to post this in Swedish only, but to be able to answer the competition question you need to be Swedish speaking since the quotes are sung in Swedish.

BR Lamashtu

New album on the way

Hi there, Lamashtu’s album V.A.N.S.I.N.N.E.T is already on the way. We are trying some new ways to get inspired and the Gorgons are doing their fair part. Avarshina is also stepping up his game by providing us with some easily made pig sqeels. There will be more news ahead. Also, make sure you make it to the gig on the 14th October @Valand, Belsepub.
Hail eris /Lamashtu