The nine demons

Nine demons were summoned to give you V.A.N.S.I.N.N.E.T. (fr left):

SLUAGH – He who never rests (The Unforgiven)
He is the one searching for destruction, the one who desires your deepest secrets leaving only death in return.
In Lamashtu he is the collector. He will never rest until all restless souls have joined the hoard.

ARGUS – He who sees all (The Omnipresent)
He is the lightbringer, the all-knowing. His eyes look in all directions at the same time. He is not the one who judges.
In Lamashtu he is the protector. He is the one who sees everything and remembers all.

PAIMON – He who knows all
He is science and knowledge incarnated. He has all the answers and loves to share this with anyone who has something to give in return.
In Lamashtu he is the answer. He is the one who speaks and is knowledgeable in most subjects.

PAZUZU – He who steers the chaos
He is the one who creates the storm, but doesn’t always mean you harm. He just loves (relishes the) feeling the wind against his face.
In Lamashtu he is the conductor/director of chaotic flow.

LAMASHTU – She who exterminates
She is the one who creates illness and sin. She does not take orders from anyone and leads you to despair.
In Lamashtu she is the mother. She is the one who leads the demons that create destruction and desire on earth.

AVARSHINA – He who shines (The Radiant)
A titan that overcomes allresistence to reach his goal. Every time he is reborn; he is stronger and more elegant than before.
In Lamashtu he is steadfast and his lightradiates out for all to see.

EMPUSA – She who gets what she wants (Mistress of Manipulation)
She changes her form to get close to her prey. She is the woman in your dreams and once she has selected / chosen you, there is no escape .
In Lamasthu she is the flesh devourer, and her hunger is never sated.

RAKSASA – He who never stops
Forged from the breath of a god. He is the blood thirsty cannibal; a relentless force that cannot be stopped by man nor beast
In Lamashtu he is the one who never is full and should be feared most of all.

GORGON – She who deceives (Mistress of Deception)
Her beauty hypnotizes even the most clever. She has eyes that makes anyone forget their original errand.
In Lamashtu she is the one that misleads. Her words, beauty or eyes can make you do anything. Her words are your truth.

Important dates: upcoming gigs and release of new album

January 5th: To really start of the new year Lamashtu will perform with Beseech and Outshine @Sticky Fingers, Top Floor

February 23rd: V.A.N.S.I.N.N.E.T. album official release date.

March 24th: Lamashtu will perform with Panzerkardinal, Kränkt & Sänkt and Ayla View + TBD on a festival of arts, music and darkness. The theme is mental health, a subject all the artforms will address.

Jag säger det du tänker

JAG SÄGER DET DU TÄNKER is the second single from the coming album V.A.N.S.I.N.N.E.T. – an album about mental illness. //
Layout Älvsång Production, Logotype Uduun Art.

Vi är alla flockdjur. Vi letar efter meningen i våra liv.
Men tillsammans kan vi inte leva.
Du är bara en i en skock av får.
Du är inte en av dem. Din verklighet finns bara hos dig. Allt hänger på dig.
Ett obehag växer i mig, en fråga ekar. Aldrig ensam – Evigt ensam?

Försöker fly men mitt sinne är förgiftat!

Text till kommande skivan


New member and gig!

We are introducing our newest member Brollachan and at the same time we announce a gig!
On the 1st of February we will play at the Emergenza festival att Sticky Fingers.

Emergenza festival

For event:

And there will be darkness!