Swedish symphonic doom metal

The Goddess of malformation!

Lamashtu is the mother and patroness of misshapen and malformed creatures. Her unholy symbol is a three-eyed jackal head, represented in many ways. She is a mighty demon lord who became the first such entity to achieve true godhood. By defeating Curchanus, she ripped his godly domain over beast from him, beginning an ancient vendetta with Curchanus' protégée, Desna. This imbued the demoness with a fraction of his divine power.

Lamashtu is presented through symphonic doom metal. Founded in Gothenburg Sweden in 2015, and originally introduced as a stage personality during the summer of 2015, her story and music was finally told.
The music for the album Fallna Själar was assembled in only one month time. The album's creators cooperated and decided that bass was a vital part of Lamashtu's sound. Equally important was to create something truly spectacular. In a certain sense, the idea and concepts for the music had already been formed back in 2011.

Lamashtu was eventually joined by more demons, helping to form the sound that defines her, and is now managing a force of nine demons - strong in mind and spirit - all in their unique ways. With the sole purpose of sharing the dark gospel of matters addressing their individual powers and divinity individually, they seek the attention of mortals in need of strength, passion and purpose.

The reign of Lamashtu is being foretold.

Upcoming shows

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